Naughty Boys Merchandise

Smart Polo, Sweat Shirts and Caps are now available as follows:
See the reviews below!

yellow sweatshirt picture
Yellow Polo Shirt
green sweatshirt picture
Green Sweatshirt
baseball cap picture 1
Black Cap with URL in Silver
baseball cap picture 2
Cap with Silver Logo

Item Mail Order Price (UK) Retail Price
Naughty Boy Polo Shirt - Yellow
Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large
£POA £12.50
Naughty Boy Sweat Shirt - Green
Available in Medium, Large, Extra Large
£POA £15.00
Naughty Girl Polo Shirt - Purple
Available in Medium & Large
£POA £12.50
Naughty Boy Cap - Black with URL in Silver
One Size fits All
£POA £7.50

These will be available from the Clubhouse in North Finchley, LONDON and by mail order.
For Terms and Conditions and for details of postage and packing charges, use the email link below.

In the meantime, for further info please drop an email to Nick

Reviews of the Naughty Boys' high quality merchandise

Geoff says "I was feeling fucking cold until I put the Naughty Boys shirt on. Now I'm warm. These things work!"
Nick says "No girls used to fancy me. Now I'm beating them off with a shitty stick. John said I had to say this."
Wayne Rooney has never heard of the Naughty Boys of Finchley
Nor has Camilla Parker-Bowles or Kelly Brook
Kelly Holmes has as far as the Naughty Boys know not got a Naughty Girls of Finchley shirt but if she asked she could have one for free. Probably.

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