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Christmas Meal at de Francos Restaurant 6th Dec 2014

Crowd went out for an early Christmas Meal as de Francos Restaurant in Friern Barnet. Another boozy night!!

Naughty Nic's 50th Birthday Bash

Held as usual at the clubhouse - the Malt and Hops. Wifey and friends did a fab job on decorations and food. Thanks to Guv and all who attended and helped make it a great night - I believe ;o)

Couple of recent NBOF pics

Just found a couple of recent pics in my phone. If you have a caption for the picture of a surprised looking Guv and Rob, then please contribute in our Guestbook. How about "Someone suggests that the Guv increases the cost of a jug of cocktail ;-)"

Dick's been busy again!!

Dick's been busy snapping away again

Some pics contributed by Dick

Some photos of Dick's friends

Judi's Leaving Do 14th March 2008

Judi's last day at the Malt, as she is going on to do new things. The Naughty Boys wish her all the best for the future.

Naughty Christmas Dinner 2007 11th December 2007

It's that time of year again. Celery & Stilton soup, turkey, ham, those sausages with bacon wrapped round them things… Oh, and drinking.
Thanks again to Judi, the team for putting up with us, and, of course, Santa.

Bonfire Night 5th November 2007

Remember, remember… Once again Lloyd and the team put on a great fireworks show, complete with bonfire and Chilean hot dogs chilli and hot dogs. A good time was had by all!
Click here to see a video (1.89Mb MP4).

Naughty Barbara and Naughty Nick's Wedding - 2

More pics from the happy day

Naughty Barbara and Naughty Nick's Wedding - 3

Wedding photo set 3 - thanks Georgette

Naughty Nick's Stag Do 26th May 2007

Having announced the wedding, plans were set in motion to prepare. The plan was to meet up at the clubhouse at 12am, board 2 16 seater minibuses and pay a visit to 6 carefully selected pubs. Whilst the guys remember the first few pubs visited fine, the photos here are the only record of the events later in the day and night. Many many thanks to the guv for giving us another day that we can't remember...

Easy Rider 8th April 2007

The road trip that wasn't. The Guv decided that as it was a nice day he'd give his bike an airing. Sadly it wouldn't start, so he used his car instead. However an unidentified group of people decided that his bike would be safer indoors...

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