Everyone loves the Irish. Except the Welsh. Who hate everyone except the Welsh. The Scottish hate the English and the Welsh. But especially the English.

Everyone hates the English. Including the English themselves.

The French love themselves and hate the English because of Joan of Arc. They'd like to hate the US, but can't really see the point. They also enjoy really, really getting up the noses of the All Blacks.

The All Blacks hate the South Africans, but they'd be lost without them. They have serious issues over whether they hate the English or the Australians more. Everyone hates the All Blacks, but secretly admires them.

Except the Australians. The Australians hate everyone who beats them, and if they lose the Australians always say that the other side cheated. They really hate the All Blacks and the South Africans, but they really, really hate the English. Especially when they lose to them. Again. Everyone without exception hates the Australians, but that's okay because they love themselves so much.

No-one really hates the South Africans because they'll usually self-destruct just when you need them to. For some reason, there's always a rumour that they'll be the best next year. They hate the All Blacks, but their world would end without them. They loathe the English and the Australians.

All the Pacific Islanders are playing for the All Blacks or the Australians by now anyway, so they hate the English.

Argentina hate the English because of the Falklands War.

The US hate the English and enjoy not having to pretend that they like them anymore.

No-one knows Canada exist, but they hate the English.

Uruguay hate the English. Georgia hate the English. Papua New Guinea hate the English. The Pitcairn Islands hate the English.

The Germans don't play rugby, but if they did they'd hate the English as well.